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Our Program

Holistic & Spiritual

Our program is designed to provide structure and holistic support as each participant addresses physical, mental, and spiritual needs.   Commitment and engagement are the keys to successful completion.  

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Spirituality is a very important part of recovery.  Insights are offered through meditation and instruction that help each person to find their own path to faith and strength.

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12 Step Meetings

"Meeting makers make it!"  Speaker or Book Study meetings are held weekly to provide further recovery support.

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Living life on life's terms requires learning how to manage time and resources.  This group teaches balance as residents move through the phases of individual recovery.

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Recovery Coaching

The importance of putting recovery first is our focus.  Information on sponsorship, coping skills, and meeting attendance is provided to reinforce recovery efforts.

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Self-care is a part of staying clean and sober.  Aerobic exercise is built into our program to promote health and wellness.

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Sober Fun

Sober Fun is essential to the recovery process.  These activities provide positive social experiences that foster relationships centered on healthy interactions with others.

N' The Spirit Transformational Living

7225 South Yale Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60621

Phone:  (773) 892-3155

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