board of directors

Ms. Margie Edwards

Honorary Board Member

In Memoriam

Ms. Margie Edwards had been a supporter of N'The Spirit since 2002.

She is the late mother of N' The Spirit Founder, Ms. Pam Frazier.

Reverend Johnnie Colemon

Honorary Board Member

In Memoriam

Reverend Johnnie Colemon founded the Universal Foundation for

Better Living in 1974.  It is the principles of UFBL that planted the 

seeds that gave birth to the vision of N' The Spirit.

Dr. Helen Carry

Honorary Board Member

Reverend Helen Carry has been a supporter of N' The Spirit since

2002.  Helen, as she loves to be called, is what the New Thought

Movement classifies  as a "teacher of teachers"—Every teacher in 

the Universal Foundation For Better Living has had the privilege of

being taught by Dr. Carry.  Helen, under the guidance of Dr. Johnnie

Colemon, is instrumental in developing the training programs for

teachers and ministers that prepares them in perpetuating the

message of love, hope, and peace throughout the world.

board members

Aminah Weaver


Priscilla Johnson

Vice President

Pamela Hall


Lori Dowden


Barbara Kimbrough

Board Member

Reverend Vaile Leonard

Board Member


Board Member

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