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A Spiritual Environment











The environment of N' The Spirit Transformational Living was intentionally designed to foster growth and encourage change.  Each room is painted a different color and named after spiritual attributes that are developed as each woman works on her own personal recovery, while learning "sisterhood" with  those who also share this space.  We offer a full kitchen, large shared living space, laundry machines, and a common area for both program and leisure activities. The butterfly, a symbol of transformation and beauty, reflects the name and meaning of each room in our home. 

Spiritual Attributes of N' The Spirit


Pink represents "Love" 

Prayer Room



Gold represents "Understanding" 

Staff Office


Light Green represents" Strength"

Staff Office


Purple represents "Power"

Staff Office


Light Blue represents "Imagination"

Resident's Room


Dark Blue represents "Faith"

Resident's Room

Enthusiasm & Zeal

Orange represents "Enthusiasm & Zeal"

Resident's Room


Dark Green represents "Order"

Resident's Room

N' The Spirit Transformational Living

7225 South Yale Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60621

Phone:  (773) 892-3155